You probably heard of Puto, the white and yummy delicacy known all over the Philippines. Or Puto-Pao, puto stuffed with cheese or Pork Asado filling.

But have you heard about PutoDonut? Yes, its Puto and Doughnut in one. I found out about this unique food find through my Instagram feed and honestly it got me by its name.

PutoDonut is made from fermented premium rice plus sugar and water which makes it sweet, sticky and yummy. It tastes a lot like the famous Puto Calasiao. It is then shaped like a doughnut, thus the name, which makes it more fun to eat.

PutoDonut is available in plain variant which I suggest eaten with your favorite spread like peanut butter or cheese or with a bowl of Dinuguan to make a perfect combo. Other variants include cheese, Itlog na Maalat (salted egg), and Spam toppings. The salty goodness of the toppings compliment the sweetness of the puto.

I can see a lot of potential variants in the future, like Ube (purple yam) or maybe a variant inspired by the Christmas Bibingka.

You may check PutoDonut on Instagram for more details and how to order.