Bricks and building blocks has always been a piece in every childhood memory and for generations Lego has played an appeal to children that will never outgrow even as they grow old.

My love for bricks and mini-figures started when I was 6 years old. I remember my dad, by then a Oversees Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia, bought me my first Lego set and are stored in a red bucket shaped like a Lego brick. I was fascinated with the bricks and what I can build them with. I can build houses, jet fighters, bridges, anything. I am limited only to my imagination. I remember I used to stack a square (2×2) brick into another rectangle (2×4) brick and imagined it was a car. For just two bricks I have created a car, Amazing!

Lego Bucket
My first Lego set are stored in a Lego-shaped bucket like this one.

Then my dad bought me a second set, with cityscape theme and has mini figures. I was even fascinated with the brand. Miniature trees, people, bicycle, and even a dog are fun to look at and play with. Since then, I started wondering if there is a Lego mini figure for everything. I wonder if there’s a Lego ship, airplane, robot, or even a Batman.

Lego at that time was very rare to be found in the Philippines, in the province in particular. Plus, sets are very expensive so there were no addition to my two sets.

Now that I have a source of income and I have a son to play Lego with, I have once again relived my love for these tiny pieces of joy.

Below are some photos I took of my Lego minifigures and some MOC’s (My Own Creation).

Lego and Mini M&M's
BEST. JOB. Wait for it… EVEEERRR!
I did this photo shoot as part of a local Lego collectors group’s participation in the ALS ice bucket challenge.
Lego boxer
Success requires hard work.
Clark Kent is
Clark Kent is…
Clash of Clans Lego MOC
My take on Clash of Clans’ Barbarian King and Archer Queen
Marvel Deadpool minifigure is pretty kickass
I like to caption this with “Living young, wild, and free.”
Why so serious?
J’s – Joker and Jellybeans
I was at the same age of my son when I had my first Lego set, a gift from my father. And now my son is starting to get fond of Lego. What goes around, comes around.
Makeup Transformation
My take on the Make-up Transformation. From Han Solo to Obi Juan Kenobi  😉
A stroll in the park
Taco Tuesdays
Delivering taco in the most macho way
The Stig
Are you sure you are Topgear’s The Stig?
Confused dark knight
BATMAN: Now who among you is the real Robin?
YODA: Wearing the wrong wardrobe, I am.
Lego lamp post MOC
This is MOC of a lamp post, a fire hydrant, and a bench built from spare Lego pieces.

Hope you guys enjoyed browsing through the photos, as I have enjoyed thinking of ideas and taking pictures of  them. You may check my Instagram account for more of my Lego photo shoot. Also, feel free to write your comments and suggestions below.