Children’s parties are a fun excuse for us parents to be like kids again even for a while and also allow us to show our creativity from conceptualizing the theme down to the actual organizing the party.

As for our son Cedric’s 6th birthday, we chose to have the Minions theme from the hit animated movie Despicable Me. We wanted the party to be simple yet enjoyable. We would like to share with you some of the Minion party ideas we had:

Invitation cards and decors. We had a simple custom-made party pass for the invitation.We also had a ready-made party banner where we just wrote Cedric’s name in it.  Each card cost us only Php 15 (USD 0.34) and the party banner is at Php 50 (USD 1.13). You could search a wide array of templates in the Internet such as this one

Minion invitation card
We had these party passes custom-made for Cedric’s 6th birthday
Minion party banner
This party banner is simple and inexpensive but serves its purpose as backdrop very well

Costume. We wanted Cedric to look like a Minion but not too much that he might look like a mascot. So as for the costume, we had him wear a denim jumper, a yellow Minion shirt and a cute Minion cap from U R Gifted.

Minion Costume
Our little Minion 🙂

Minion cap

Cake. The cake has always been one of the highlights of Cedric’s birthday party. And for this Minion theme, we had a two-layered cake masterpiece by OC’s Kitchen. The Minion cake was a feast for both the eyes and tummy. At first our Cedric didn’t want to slice the cake ‘coz he said he didnt want to ruin it. 🙂

Minion cake
Awesome Minion cake from OC’s Kitchen
Minion cake
A feast for the eyes and also for the tummy 🙂

For a collection of themed cakes we had, click here

Games. Try these games for your next Minion party:

Freeze Ray. This is a musical and dance game. Let the kids dance, jump, run in circles while the music is playing. When you stop the music, they should not move like they were hit with by a Frezze Ray. Those who moved while the music is not playing would be out. Do this until only one child is left and is declared the winner.

Pin the Goggles on the Minion. The concept of this game is to let the kids pin the goggles on the Minion while being blindfolded. The one who pins the goggles closest to the right spot on the Minion’s head wins the game.

Pin the goggles on the Minion

Pin the goggles on the Minion
Bringing the fun to the party with this “Pin the goggles on the Minion” parlor game
  • Click here for a Do-It-Yourself of Pin the goggles on the Minion

Party favors. We had a custom-made Minion loot box from The Chemist’s Bakeshop as giveaways. Inside the box are sweets and a Minion cookie.

Minion lootboxes

Minion lootbox

Minion cookie
Cute and fun to eat Minion cookie

Hope you find these ideas helpful for your next Minion party. And don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment box below. 🙂